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Rural Transport

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What can Rural Transport do?

Caithness Rural Transport provides a service that is designed for people living in rural areas regardless of age and our town service is open to elderly and disabled people.   The service can be used for shopping, visiting friends, social functions, medical appointments etc.   The driver will be there to assist you with the steps or wheelchair access to the vehicle and all our drivers are Midas (Minibus Driver Awareness) trained.

We have wheelchair adapted vehicles based in Wick, Thurso and Dunbeath, as well as a 10, 12, 13 and 16 seat minibuses also adapted, which are available for group hire.   £20 for first 15 miles then 80p per mile thereafter

We charge an annual membership fee of £13 or £5 for a short term fee and a mileage charge per person per journey is applied.

Cost Per Mile

1 Mile – £2.50

4 Miles – £4.50

8 – 11 Miles – £5.50

2 Miles – £3.50

5 Miles – £4.50

7 Miles – £5

3 Miles – £4

6 Miles – £5

20 Miles – £8.50

We operate the service 7 days a week and have a mixture of paid and volunteer drivers.

If you have any further enquiries about the service or feel you would like to volunteer as a driver then please contact Coreen at the above address.

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