The Caithness Poverty Action Group

Caithness Poverty Action Group is a network of statutory and third sector/charity organisations that pull together resources and knowledge around poverty concerns within Caithness, to create a support structure for the Caithness community.

The Caithness Community Planning Partnership (CCP) recognises the widespread issue of poverty across Caithness. It identifies the need to work as a community to try to mitigate as far as possible the cost of living increases.  The Sub-Group will ensure we work collaboratively and consistently to raise awareness of poverty issues across Caithness.

The Sub-Group will champion a partnership approach, supporting an ongoing dialogue with a range of stakeholders including service users and service providers. The Sub-Group will look to bring together the critical delivery bodies from across Caithness, we will look to highlight current opportunities for individuals and where appropriate develop actions where gaps are identified.

The key outcomes of the group are to:

  • Provide accessible information about the support available to the community to help them provide for themselves and their families.
  • Provide local access to food aid to ensure no one goes hungry.
  • Advice Services – Benefits, Debt, Energy, Income Maximisation.
  • Identify opportunities for householders to receive financial support.
  • Open dialogue with renewable firms and those in supply chain developers to establish more potential.

Interviews on support available in Caithness.

An interview with Stephanie Remers. Chair of Caithness Poverty Action Group.

Stephanie is interviewed by the Project Coordinator of HERE for Caithness, Julie Marker. She gives an update on the work CPGA is doing.

An interview with Sadie Kevill. Manager of Caithness Citizens Advice.

In this interview, Sadie gives an update on how to seek advice on energy costs, cost of living concerns and what other support is available.

An interview with Julie Calder. Project Development Manager of Ormlie Community Association.

In this interview, Julie talks about the support available and all the activities the centre holds weekly.


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