Who We Are

What the Caithness Voluntary Group purpose is and the people who make it work and do their best to help Caithness.

What We Offer

The services that we can provide. Such as Volunteering Opportunities, Office Services, help for setting up your own charity and much more!


Projects that CVG works with and supports such as the Befriending Caithness, Caithness Rural Transport, HERE for Caithness and Listening Ear, to make Caithness a better place and support the local community.

Community Planning & Development

Community planning is about public service providers working together, and with communities to improve the quality of people’s lives.

Halsary Fund Project

Coming soon

Contact Us & Extra Information

You can always get in touch with us or even come and visit the office. We also have some incredibly useful information on Caithness that is handy for locals and tourists alike.