Protecting Vulnerable Groups Disclosure Checks

PVG Disclosure Checks

This office can assist voluntary organisations in Caithness to register with Volunteer Scotland [formally Central Register Body Scotland]

We offer a free step-by-step service to assist member organisations register either directly or as a secondary organisation with the Volunteer Centre as intermediary.  This means we can help you register and support you to comply with the legislative process as simply as possible.

Once an organisation is registered we can help their volunteers complete the new PVG disclosure applications. Unfortunately, we have to introduce a small administration fee of £3 per application for this service charged to the organisation. [£3 suspended during COVID]

What is a PVG and do I need one?  PVG stands for Protecting Vulnerable Groups. If you are working [or volunteering] with young, or vulnerable people on a regular basis you will require to be PVG checked.  

For this office to be able to assist you need to be a volunteer/member of an organisation.  We are unable to do PVG checks for individuals not linked with a voluntary group, but are happy to provide information if you are unsure.

If you would like more information contact Catherine at 01955 609968 or email She will be happy to assist.

Alternatively, look at the Volunteer Scotland website:

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