Here for Caithness

HERE for Caithness is a brand-new digital resource supporting the county’s mental health and well-being.

This interactive and informative site will be a unified home for the network of services, organisations and activities providing help for anyone worried about their well-being. It will empower our community by removing the stress and anxiety from approaching organisations, educating about the services available and where they would be relevant, and highlighting activities which can alleviate the symptoms of mental and emotional ill-health. 

Developed by local people who are passionate about improving the mental health situation in Caithness, HERE creates a partnership between charities, community groups, and statutory services and represents all supports available now, as opposed to an exhaustive list of organisations. This ensures that, when visiting the site, you will find relevant information and resources only from those who are ready and able to meet your needs.

The site’s content is truly people-focused, using a blend of videos, animations, and graphics to explain the key facts in a clear and accessible way. Visitors will be able to learn directly from local representatives explaining what they can offer, what to expect, and where to find them, right here in Caithness.

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