Get Employability Training and IT (GET IT) is a service which helps individuals with basic IT training and helps them to develop skills to go get into employment. This service is available 09:30 – 01:30pm on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at Ormlie Centre.

Join and Natter women’s group (JaN)

The first ‘JaN’ women’s group will start on Wednesday 11th May in Messy Nessy Play, in Thurso town centre from 7-9pm. Messy Nessy is a fully accessible premises with a wheelchair-accessible lift, and will make a wonderful venue for the group. In the future, we plan to run groups in Wick and online, so ifContinue reading “Join and Natter women’s group (JaN)”

Q&A Election Candidates Q9.

HERE for Caithness Question 9. After partygate and the fixed penalty fine do you think Prime Minister Boris Johnston should resign? – Yes or No Thurso & Northwest Caithness Iain Gregory Yes. (And so should one or two others, whether fined or not). Ron Gunn Yes. There was a time when, if politicians did somethingContinue reading “Q&A Election Candidates Q9.”

Kooth Digital Health

NHS Highland has commissioned the online counselling service Kooth, a service delivered by Kooth Digital Health. Kooth is an integral component of Highland’s mental health provision offering a digital counselling and emotional well-being service for young people. Kooth is a free online counselling and emotional well-being support service providing young people aged 10-18 years (upContinue reading “Kooth Digital Health”

Q&A Election Candidates Q8.

HERE for Caithness Question 8. What are each candidates thoughts on/plans for addressing negative impacts of (some) aspects of tourism in the area, in terms of dirty/roadside/informal camping & park ups and associated impacts on local residents. Thurso & Northwest Caithness Iain Gregory Once again, we are behind the curve. I have travelled all overContinue reading “Q&A Election Candidates Q8.”

Q&A Election Candidates Q7.

HERE for Caithness Question 7. The work of the third sector is impacted by uncertainty because of short term funding provided by many statutory agencies, if elected what efforts would you make to change this and give organisations doing vital work a degree of financial security. Thurso & Northwest Caithness Iain Gregory I have aContinue reading “Q&A Election Candidates Q7.”

Q&A Election Candidates Q6.

HERE for Caithness Question 6. It is shocking to read that local wind farm owners are paid considerable sums of money to stop producing electricity whilst at the same time we pay some of the highest charges for power in the UK. Like many people locally, I’d like to understand how if elected, you wouldContinue reading “Q&A Election Candidates Q6.”

Q&A Election Candidates Q5.

HERE for Caithness Question 5 If elected how do you purpose to improve public transport in the county and challenge Stagecoach to improve their clapped out fleet of vehicles. Thurso & Northwest Caithness Iain Gregory The Scottish Government recently launched a £62 million “Scottish Zero Emission Bus Challenge Fund”, intended to help Scottish bus operatorsContinue reading “Q&A Election Candidates Q5.”

Q&A Election Candidates Q4.

HERE for Caithness Question 4 Dounreay is the major employer in Caithness, do you support plans for new investment in developing a long term future for generating nuclear power in the county. Thurso & Northwest Caithness Iain Gregory In a word. Yes. We have an incredible pool of expertise in Caithness. We have the experience.Continue reading “Q&A Election Candidates Q4.”

Q&A Election Candidates Q3.

HERE for Caithness Our final question for today, more tomorrow! Question 3. Caithness is predicted to have a 21% decrease in population within the Caithness in the next 20 years, far greater than anywhere in the Highlands. What actions would you take to prevent Caithness losing one fifth of its population? Thurso & Northwest CaithnessContinue reading “Q&A Election Candidates Q3.”