Lyth Arts Reminisce

Give meaningful cloths more use and turn it into something new. The reminiscing bags/toolkits are now based in CVG, and now able to loan out to different groups. Lovely bit of fun that is very low cost, watch the video for more information and to get involved

MCR’s Mentoring Programme

MCR’s mentoring programme is due to launch in the Highlands later this month and Wick High School is one of the schools they will be launching in! What does this mean? Who are MCR?  MCR support young people who have experienced disadvantage, to realise their full potential through education. They do this through our school-basedContinue reading “MCR’s Mentoring Programme”

Mental Health in Caithness: Survey Results.

A survey and report completed by the Social Isolation and Mental Wellbeing Action Group. A subgroup of the Caithness Resilience Group, formed at the beginning of Covid-19. November 2020 Research purpose and method used. The purpose of this research project was to investigate the resources available in Caithness surrounding mental health, from the community’s perspective. TheContinue reading “Mental Health in Caithness: Survey Results.”

Connectivity in Caithness

From the Facebook survey results, we got a total of 68 responses. 55% of the responses received commented on there being poor internet. Some of the comments where that:– No infrastructure investment from BT as their exchange ‘has fibre’ advised moving to 4g– ancient infrastructure, poor/non-existent 4g signal– Good until demand increased– infrastructure is theContinue reading “Connectivity in Caithness”