Action Earth Environmental Fund

Volunteering Matters Action Earth would love to support volunteers who are creating or enhancing ponds, wetlands and marshes or are improving streams and riverbanks as part of their project. The addition of even a small pond can have a great impact on local wildlife

Volunteering Matters Action Earth 2022 still has nature grants (up to £250) to support volunteers carrying out improvements and habitat creation in local green spaces.
Please note that there are some changes this to Action Earth year.
What we can fund: Projects that restore & protect natural environments including tree-planting, wildflower meadow creation, wildlife habitat builds, pond work, community gardens & woodlands and improvements to other local green spaces. Plants, tools and materials needed to carry out this work Projects that involve safe mass participation (with a minimum of 15 volunteers and an expectation of more). What we cannot fund: Activities involving food growing Projects on school grounds Purchases such as lawnmowers, cameras, large items of machinery, display boards, leaflets, fuel & compost that is not peat-free Staff, sessional workers or workshop presenter costs We prioritise applications from volunteer groups that: Work in areas where there is substantial social or economic deprivation Improve the health and wellbeing of their local community Involve disabled people, vulnerable people or those at risk of exclusion Encourage and involve people under 26  Apply!  details are available on our website

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