Volunteer to gain experience

Trying to get employed but don’t have the experience? why not volunteer? Volunteering is an excellent way to gain experience, get references, training and to meet people in a friendly relaxed way. In Caithness, many organisations are trying to recruit volunteers to enable them to continue providing wonderful services for the community.

For example, there are opportunities in the :

Care sector – volunteering with the elderly providing social contact.

volunteering with young people, by helping uniform groups, youth clubs or sporting groups.

volunteering with the environment, getting out and about and doing physical work

volunteering from home as a volunteer Befriender

volunteering in Retail, charity shops are a great way to improve your customer service skills

If you have an interest in history or heritage, you can volunteer to support the many heritage museums throughout Caithness

use your IT skills to help provide technical support to organisations, e.g. update Facebook page or website

Volunteering is a great way to get involved and there are many more opportunities available. contact Catherine at CVG to find out more volunteering@cvg.org.uk

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