Befriending Caithness

Transport and Lunch Group Assistant

(Two Positions)

We are looking to recruit two members of staff to work as a Befriendee Transport and Lunch Group Assistant.  1 Post starting/returning from Wick and 1 post starting/returning from Thurso. Providing essential support and assistance to Befriendees as they travel to, from and during our monthly group within the Caithness area.

Working as a Befriendee Transport Lunch Group Assistant you will support Befriendees with mobility issues and early stage dementia in the journeys between their homes to, during Befriending Lunch Group and return.

You will be required to have knowledge of and/or experience with older adults and have the ability to demonstrate empathy, patience, tolerance and a positive response to a variety of additional support needs.

Please e-mail Angie for job description for more information.  If you are the successful candidate, you will be required to gain/maintain PVG scheme membership.  These posts are for 6 hours per month. These posts will be paid the Scottish living wage of £9.90 per hour. 

To apply please send a copy of your CV along with covering letter either via post or email to:

Angie House, Befriending Caithness, Telford House, Williamson Street, Wick, KW1 5ES

Email: Should you have any questions or wish to discuss the above position further please do not hesitate to contact Angie on:  07592 493 048

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