An opportunity to Volunteer

To continue with Volunteer Week activities you could volunteer with environmental groups in Caithness. There are groups providing opportunities for individuals to get involved improving the environment on a periodical or regular basis.

For Example: Dunnet Forestry Trust host a green gym on Thursdays and Sundays, [forest maintenance] and also a monthly log sale.

Friends of Newtonhill [community forest near Wick] also provide forest maintenance on Tuesdays and other opportunities periodically throughout the year.

Wick Paths Group, Highlife Highland Ranger and the John O Groat Trail are examples of other groups reliant on volunteers to help maintain the environment. So if you want to volunteer, get some exercise and make a difference, consider volunteering in the great outdoors of Caithness. contact for more details.

Volunteers at Newtonhill, making a difference.
volunteers in Wick Heritage Society Garden doing some weeding and maintenance

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