Highland Mindfulness Group

Wednesdays 27th April to 15th June 2022 (7pm – 9pm)

The Mindfulness Based Living Course (MBLC) is a weekly mindfulness course, with kindness and compassion at the centre. It is an 8-week course, each session is two hours long, with a specific area of focus. A manual in PDF format is provided. Recordings of the meditations will be available.

Course dates

The next course will run on Zoom on Wednesday evenings (7pm – 9pm) from 27th April to 15th June 2022. It will be facilitated by Diana Preston and Elke Ambrose.

We are also hoping to run this course again from the end of October.


The cost of the 8-week course is £100. Please do not let affordability be a barrier as concessions are available for those on low/no income or we can offer a flexible payment plan.


Please contact us on highlandmindfulness@gmail.com and we can send you the registration form and payment details.


Session 1 – Starting where we are – allowing us to recognise the unsettled mind and practice how we might settle the mind.

Session 2 – The body as a place to stay present – looks at Mindfulness in every day life, exploring kindness and awareness of how the body can anchor us to the present moment.

Session 3 – Introducing Mindful support – during this session we will practice the 3 minute breathing space, we explore using sound as a support to our practice, topics for this session also include what we mean by non striving and responding to pleasant and unpleasant events.

Session 4 – Working with Distraction – we explore using the support of the breath and mindful walking.

Session 5 – Exploring the undercurrent – looking at the undercurrent as a constant steam of thoughts, emotions and physical sensations, topics for this session will also cover loving kindness in our lives.

Session 6 – Attitude – we continue to look at kindness for ourself and others, learning more about the attitude we bring to the undercurrent as we observe the flow of thoughts, emotions and physical sensations

Session 7 – Self Acceptance – the main theme of this session is looking at self acceptance and drawing on the work of Professon Paul Gilbert, we explore practices in self compassion and practice self acceptance with the RAIN practice (Recognising, Allowing, Intimate attention and Non identification).

Session 8 – A mindful based Life – during this session mindfulness support will be revisited – review of the journey so far and where do we go from here.


Diana Preston has been practising Mindfulness since 2015 and began facilitating mindfulness groups after retiring from teaching. She combines her meditation practice with a love of the outdoors and is an enthusiastic

mountaineer and lover of poetry. She trained through the Mindfulness Association.

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