Community Link Workers

Community Link Workers

I would like to introduce myself; I am Kimberley Spiers, and I am the senior community link worker for Support in mind Scotland, I am currently working from home but soon will be in the GP surgeries in Caithness taking referrals from the GP’s from their patients with mental health issues.

A Community Link Worker (CLW) is a generalist social practitioner based in a GP practice serving a socio-economically deprived community, addressing the problems and issues that the individual brings to the consultation, rather than a worker whose domain is limited to a specified range of conditions or illnesses, or one who is based elsewhere within health, social care, or other services.

We offer nonclinical support to patients, enabling them to set goals and overcome barriers, in order that they can take greater control of their health and well-being. Using ‘good conversations’ we support patients to identify problems and issues they are experiencing and to talk about what really matters to them.

We support patients to achieve their goals by enabling them to identify and access relevant resources or services in their community. We also map local services, engaging with and developing productive relationships with these services including keeping informed of the status of existing and new services.

My email is

Mobile is – 07568225729

Riverview & Pearson practice (Wick)

Riverside & Princess St (Thurso)

Lybster medical centre

Castletown medical centre

Canisbay medical centre

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