Befriending Week UK

Befriending Week happens next week1-7 November 2021

Angie House says “Befriending Caithness are heading into celebrating Befriending Week. Befriending Week is celebrated all over the UK and you can see us on Twitter, Facebook and Utube during the week. Here at Befriending Caithness we believe this is a wonderful opportunity to thank our Befriending Volunteers for all their visits and adaptions they have made within the organization during this time.

We are also would like to take the opportunity to thank the community that we serve, and especially those lovely people we visit, write to, video call and telephone.  It is a joy to hear the stories that each individual has shared with us, truly making Befriending Caithness part of the community.

We are delighted to say that we are moving forward and have secured Lyth Arts Centre as a regular monthly venue for our event.  Each month we will meet for soup and sandwiches and some light entertainment, but best of all we will becoming together again for a time of socializing.  Look out for more details of this event coming soon. Why not take Befriending Week as an opportunity to volunteer with Befriending Caithness for more information on this please contact:

We will be happy to respond and you too can be a part of celebrating Befriending Week.

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