People’s Postcode Dream Fund now open

The Dream Fund gives organisations the chance to deliver the project they have always dreamed of, but never had the opportunity to bring to life. They ask charitable organisations across Great Britain to think big, be ambitious and collaborate with other not-for-profit partners to deliver their dream project. The focus of this year’s Dream Fund will be projects that are looking to deliver systemic change in the following funding categories:

  1. Environment/conservation.
  2. Social inequality.
  3. Pandemic recovery.
  4. There is a total award fund of £3.5 million and charities can apply for up to £1.25 million for their project.
  5. The application form will be open until November the 1st at 5:30
  • Applications must be innovative, creative and original, and present projects that are a genuine ‘dream’.
  • Applications must come from a partnership of at least two charitable organisations, one of which will be designated as the lead.
  • The lead partner organisation MUST be a registered charity. The main grant contact will be with this organisation. To fine out more go to Dream Fund | Postcode Dream Fund

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