Connectivity in Caithness

From the Facebook survey results, we got a total of 68 responses. 55% of the responses received commented on there being poor internet. Some of the comments where that:
No infrastructure investment from BT as their exchange ‘has fibre’ advised moving to 4g
ancient infrastructure, poor/non-existent 4g signal
– Good until demand increased
– infrastructure is the issue more than service providers as having tried all providers.
– Given up on broadband and moved to Vodaphone or EE 4g but it can’t cope with increased demand
– You have to get expensive modifications to get a moderate connection
26% found that they had a good connection and that the internet struggled at peak times. 
And 19% stated that they had fair enough broadband connectivity in some areas but that it was slow or that they had to move to 4G to stay connected, which can be expensive. 
A lot of people commented on how challenging it had been to school their children during lockdown because of the connectivity issues and that it caused problems in currently having to work from home.

The service provider with the larges proportion of users was BT.
17 Respondents using 4G or mobile data, 45 using broadband, and 2 switching between both.

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